So the time has come and I feel I am ready to try and sell something of my own design and build. I have no grand illusions of becoming rich by way of woodworking, or even being able to give up the day job, but I would like the hobby to be able to sustain itself and let me upgrade my tools. Continue reading


The Christmas card boxes are a hit

Many of the recipients of the boxes already have them as I wanted them to have the option of using them for their intended purpose this holiday season. I was not there when my aunts and grandmother opened them at Thanksgiving, but I am told tears were involved. They’re an emotional group when it comes to the memory of my mom and to add a hand made item to that sentiment, well…

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Christmas card box prototype

I know it’s early and I know the pace at which I am able to work. The mention of Christmas in August may seem very retail of me but I want to be sure I am done with a dozen boxes in time. Even if that time is October.

I’ve made a few practice boxes to go through the process of stock prep, cutting tight miters, glue up, finishing, etc. In this latest attempt I added the picture, which for anyone not following is a copy of a Christmas tree drawn by my mother a couple years ago before she passed away at this time last year. This is done by ink jet printing the image to the glossy backing of a sheet of labels that have had the labels removed and then pressing that wet ink on to the wood being careful not to move the paper and smudge the image.

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Tools from a flea

My wife and I made our second annual visit to the Brimfield Flea and Antiques Show yesterday. Hundreds of antiques dealers and other vendors from around the country descend on Brimfield, MA three times a year to make one of the largest events of its kind in the country. In my experience most antique stores and flea markets that I have visited are little more than glorified yard sales. Brimfield is different.

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I now have more wood than I know what to do with

I really wanted the title of this post to be “I got wood”, but the adult in me over ruled the 14 year old, for a change.

In the past 72 hours I have accumulated well over a hundred board feet, most of it for free.  Our office building has been in a state of remodel for a couple of years as hundreds of thousands of square feet are being turned in to modern office space. In a room that is currently being gutted, solid oak soffits and chair rails were removed and bound for the dumpster until one of the guys I work with mentioned that I might want it. And I did.

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I made a box

I have started more posts with “Sorry for the delay…” than I care to admit. Truth is I haven’t been very productive in the shop lately. At least not with anything blog worthy. There’s nothing real sexy about painting a new screen door or making a few additions for that door that keep the dog from running through the screen.

Not that a box is particularly exciting either. They’ve been done to death. Especially what I recently made… a maple box with walnut splines, but box making is new to me and will eventually serve a purpose.

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